Find some of FAQ here, such as how to purchase, how to issue invoices, and how to set up theme, etc.
Check here for how to log in to My Page of the new system.

Pre-Purchase Inquiry

Application and Payment

  • How to download the product?

    After payment, you can download the theme from My Page.

  • What payment methods are available?

    We accept credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, JCB, American Express) and PayPal.

  • I did not receive the billing information email.

    The billing information email will be automatically sent to your registered email address after you apply for the product. If you have not received the email, please contact us.

  • How to place an order?

    You can purchase theme from the bottom of each TCD theme sales page.

  • How much is a theme?

    The prices are different for each theme, so please check the sales page.

  • I want to purchase some themes at once.

    Please make a separate payment or contact us for support.

  • Can I purchase the product under my own name, even though it will be used by my company?

    No problem. Please enter your “Company Name” when you register your account.


  • Is there a setup manual?

    We have prepared an easy-to-understand manual. You can complete the site by following the steps.

  • Can I install plug-in?

    You can install it. Please use at your own risk, as we do not support any problems caused by plugin.

  • Do you provide phone support?

    Support is available via email only.

  • What support do you provide?

    We support installation, initial setup, and usage of TCD themes. We do not support basic WordPress usage, server setup, or customization.

Notes on Use

  • I want to create a site for a friend for free using a theme I purchased under my name.

    A extended license is required for a paid construction. For free, you and a friend will need to purchase the same theme.

  • Can I use a theme for my client’s website?

    You may not use a theme except for your own site. If you wish to use it for your client’s site, please purchase extended license.

  • Can it be used for multiple sites?

    It can be used for multiple sites as long as they are your own sites.

  • Are there any prohibitions?

    For more information on prohibitions, please refer to Terms and Conditions page.

  • Can I use it for commercial purposes?

    Commercial use is allowed for owned sites.


  • Are TCD themes responsive?

    All TCD themes are responsive design, except Grider.

  • Does it have a shopping cart function?

    Ankle, GLAMOUR and ICONIC are compatible with the shopping cart plugin Welcart. EGO. is compatible with WooCommerce and Welcart.

  • Do you have a theme for corporate sites?

  • Which themes are suitable for blogging?

    TCD themes for blogging can be found here.

  • Is there a trial version?

    To experience TCD theme, you can download “Rebirth” for free.
    Please refer to the demo site of each TCD theme for samples.

Operating Environment

  • WordPress5.5以降の対応について

    WordPress5.5以降への各テーマの対応は、順次調査、対応中です。WordPress5.5からダウングレードしたい場合はこちらをご参照ください。また、以前のエディタに戻したい場合はプラグイン「Classic Editor(クラシックエディタ)」をインストールしてください。

  • Regarding icloud mail (and other cases you do not receive a reply from us)

    @icloud.com, @me.com, and @mac.com email addresses may not be able to receive email from us. Please contact us using a different email address.

  • PHPバージョン7.0.xには対応していますか?


  • 管理画面の他の言語対応について


  • テーマのカスタマイズ(改変)は可能ですか?

    テーマファイルは自由にカスタマイズしてご利用ください。但し、自己責任にてお願いします。なお、カスタマイズ方法をシェアするサイト「TCD LABO」もございますのでご活用くださいませ(こちらも自己責任で!)。

  • 動作環境について教えてください。

    WordPress 4.7以上、PHP 7.1以上、MySQL 5.6以上でお願いしております。また、テーマによって若干動作環境が異なりますので、各テーマの販売ページをご確認ください。

Technical Inquiry

Server and Domain

Initial Setup

How to Use



  • サイト上に御社のクレジット表記は入りますか?


Other Inquiry

My Page

  • Lost my login password.

    Please reset your password from this page. For security reasons, we can not confirm your password.

  • Forgot my login email address.

    Please contact our support.


  • Can I get a receipt, invoice and delivery slip?

    You can download it from My Page.

  • Can I return a theme and get a refund?

    We do not accept any returns or refunds after download.

Extended License

  • What is the list of licensed companies?

    Some of licensed companies are listed here. It is used by TCD users to select a website design company for customization requests.

  • How to renew extended license?

    Log in to My Page and renew your extended license from purchase history. When the extended license expires, existing clients can continue to operate their sites.