Theme Comparison Navigation Guide


These themes are suitable for blogs that can be used by individuals and businesses alike to communicate their thoughts and ideas and become an asset.
There are a wide variety of themes to choose from, from stylishly designed themes to showcase your content to minimalist themes that allow you to focus on writing your posts.
Whether you want to focus on the text or the images, use a theme that matches the purpose of your blog.


This is a theme suitable for affiliates that emphasizes the readability of articles and the placement of ads.
The design is designed with affiliates in mind, so it is not only stylish, but also blends in naturally even when the amount of ads is increased.
You can send out valuable content and advertisements in a well-balanced manner, use it to increase your affiliate commissions.


Nowadays, a corporate website is more than just a source of company information and corporate culture.
A theme that implements the best design and functionality for a corporate website will contribute greatly to your company because its role affects all of your stakeholders.
Use it to create a corporate website that can be used as a job advertisement, a salesperson for your products, or even the credibility of your company itself.


It allows you to build media and magazine sites that organize and dynamically present information content.
Since it is designed for powerful media management of medium or larger scale, it is ideal for individual as well as multi-member management.
The layout is designed for ease of use, so even sites with a large amount of content can be used without problems.


In the beauty industry, where beauty and healing are pursued, cleanliness and a sense of security are essential.
The gimmicks that give a sense of cleanliness and texture are in the details of the design, the organized layout, and the actions associated with operation.
A clean website gives a sense of healing and trust, and is an effective image strategy for the beauty industry.


The target of the lodging business is becoming more and more global, not just Japanese.
A website that is easy to use and appealing to foreigners is required, not just a website that conveys the atmosphere of the hotel.
A globally competitive design and functionality can be used to create a site that will remain in the memories and memories of your visitors.


A healthy and sophisticated image is essential for an industry that cares for the body.
I have the impression that there is a big difference between the good and bad websites of private clinics compared to the websites of large hospitals.
Please use this website to express the atmosphere and concept of your clinic with a healthy website.


SNS has become one of the indispensable services for individuals and businesses alike.
Normally, it takes a lot of time and money to build a social network, but with TCD, you can easily build a social network at a low cost.
We hope you will make use of it to build your fan club, online salon, and other communities.


With the advancement of technology, traditional culture and religious views may be fading away.
This theme can express the solemnity and elegance of Japanese culture by using vertical text and wide margins to create a Japanese atmosphere.
This theme can be used for sites such as temples and shrines, Japanese restaurants, and Japanese inns that want to incorporate Japanese taste.


It is compatible with the shopping cart plug-in (Welcart), so you can build an e-commerce site right away.
It is possible to easily set up a full-fledged online store that combines excellent lead deployment and transmission capabilities such as blog functions.
Use it to build an EC site that nurtures your brand power and ability to attract customers without depending on a platform.

Hero Header

A hero header is a full-screen image that is displayed in the first view and attracts users the moment they open the site. There are also themes that can display videos (MP4, Youtube) as well as images in the header. This is recommended for sites that emphasize visual impact at first sight.


This is a list of WordPress themes that allow you to display a video in the first view header (or switch to a image slider), and embed MP4 or Youtube videos.

Column Selection

We have collected themes that allow you to choose between two-column (left and right side) and three-column (two right columns and two sides) layouts, and you can always select the columns from the TCD theme options with a single button, so you can change the layout later. Choose the layout you like best for your site.

Contents Builder

The contents builder is a function that allows you to freely change the display order of the contents of the top page of your website with an intuitive drag-and-drop operation, according to the purpose of operating your blog.

Page Builder

Page builder is a page create function that allows you to split the layout of fixed pages and article pages, insert image sliders, headings, catch phrases, tabs, and Google maps (price list, spec list, attendance list, etc. depending on the theme).

Advanced Search Function

This is a WordPress theme that implements a unique advanced search function instead of the standard WordPress search function. The advanced search function allows you to deliver more optimal information to users quickly.


Whether a site is mobile-friendly or not is important as it affects search rankings. With these themes, the layout is optimized for PC, smartphone, and tablet, and the design is beautiful and memorable. Not only responsive, but they are also easy to use, with all elements, such as the list of new posts, easy to see and click on, even on small screens like smartphones. You don't need to take any special measures to use the site.