With a magnificent top page reminiscent of a cutting-edge company. It will drastically change your corporate image.

It is designed so that anyone can create a high quality corporate website like those of large corporations and cutting-edge technology companies. The power of the top page is unmatched by any other WordPress theme on the market.

After attracting the viewer with the full-size hero header, the contents are displayed one after another. The point is parallax. It blends into the design so well that you don’t even notice it’s parallax.

With all the contents exquisitely balanced with a sense of unity, your corporate image will surely change drastically after installing “SOLARIS”.

Please include a nice tagline and build a great corporate website.

Why are demo pages so exciting? It’s because mind-blowing gimmicks entertain people.

The reason why TCD’s demo pages draw people in and excite them is because they are designed with the viewer’s perception in mind. From top to bottom, there is a good balance of playfulness.

  • Hero header that draws the viewer in
  • Fade animation developed to look the most beautiful
  • A four-part menu with a background that changes on mouse hover
  • Parallax effects placed at the perfect time
  • Size & margin for each content for perfect balance

On the other hand, a WordPress theme that makes your eyes flicker is one where all the parts are wild and there is no concept of balance. With this theme, you can raise the value of your site.

Make your business overwhelming. Create a service page that is different from those of other companies.

A corporate website needs to impress people with how great your services are. SOLARIS, which also focuses on the business introduction page, can give the impression that your company is contributing to society.


This service page allows you to apply a key color overlay on one side of the photo introducing your business. The specifications are designed to allow anyone to tighten up the photo and make your service more attractive.

We hope that you will use this theme to create a “box (corporate website)” that will help your company grow and expand its business internationally.

The About page is important for sales. That’s why you can’t leave anything out.

If you are going to do business on the Internet, such as running an EC site or an app, the credibility of the company is important. For example, when a new user is shopping at an online store, most users will check the “company profile” to see if the company is trustworthy. Therefore, it is important to have the following pages.


This includes information about the company profile, greeting, and the company history. The design and structure of this theme is designed to enhance the credibility of your company.

This is the place for companies to present their research, development, events, etc., to build up a fan base.

We have prepared a place to present what your company is doing on a daily basis. This is the best place to show off your company as a developing company.





















Solaris mock-up image

The advanced features of TCD theme support your website.

  • Responsive design (PC, tablet, mini tablet, smartphone)
  • Top page header (image slider, video, Youtube)
  • Standard font (selectable from Arial, San Serif, and Times New Roman)
  • Global Menu
  • New smartphone footer bar
  • Logo upload function (header, footer, mobile)
  • Loading settings (logo, tagline, animation, and 3 other types)
  • Custom CSS
  • Custom Scripts
  • Custom color function (main, sub, text, on hover)
  • Facebook OGP and Twitter Cards function
  • 4 types of SNS buttons (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube)
  • Adjust the size of registered eye catching images(regenerate thumbnails)
  • “Meta title” and “meta description” can be set for each page
  • Date, category, tag, contributor name and comment display function
  • New quick tags (compatible with Gutenberg )
  • Header bar that can display alerts
  • Custom Post Type “News”
  • Custom Post Type “Company Information”
  • Custom Post Type “Service”
  • Custom Post Type “Project”
  • Hover Effect Settings (Zoom, Slide, Fade)
  • Parallax Effect
  • Customization feature for 404 page
  • Designed protected page effective for membership acquisition
  • Page show/hide selection function (logo, menu, header, footer, etc.)
  • High speed setting (Emoji loading, code optimization)
  • Multi-language support for administration screen (Japanese, English)
  • Breadcrumbs list with microdata format structured markup applied
  • Theme option management to complete the initial settings
  • Google Maps custom pin markers that can be configured with logos

WordPress theme “SOLARIS”(tcd088)

・A set of WordPress theme
・Download site (instruction manual, Q&A)

39,800 yen(tax included)

※If you use this product for build third party website, you will need to purchase a extended license of this product.
※You can download the product from My Page after payment by credit card or PayPal.
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Required Environment

WordPress 5.X or higher and PHP version 7.2 or higher are required for the server environment.
For WordPress installation, please refer to here
IE support has been discontinued due to the transition to Microsoft Edge.
※Please read the Terms of Use before clicking the purchase button.