TCD has released several Japanese-style WordPress themes that can be used in Japanese restaurant, traditional Japanese inn, shrine, and Japanese sweets shop. In this page, we would like to introduce the features of them.

Stores and restaurants

A collection of WordPress themes to support traditional Japanese business.


WordPress Theme HAKU
The WordPress theme “HAKU” is inspired by a sake brewery website. It can be used as a lead-in to a shopping site or to your own shopping site. Vertical writing is available.



WordPress Theme MIKADO
MIKADO is a WordPress theme with the image of a shrine. You can create a website with a sense of sacredness. Vertical writing is available.



WordPress Theme KADAN
A WordPress theme KADAN brings to mind a traditional Japanese inn. Perfect design for a Japanese restaurant. Vertical writing is available.


Blog and Media

A collection of WordPress themes that can be used as blog media.


WordPress Theme GENSEN
“GENSEN” is a WordPress theme designed as a portal site for traditional Japanese inn. It implements an advanced search function and can manage a nationwide portal site. It is often used as a website for affiliate earnings.



WordPress Theme TOKI
WordPress theme “TOKI” to build web media for inbound and foreign tourists. Send the beauty of Japanese tradition and culture to the world.



WordPress Theme NUMERO
NUMERO is a WordPress theme inspired by Japan, mainly the Tokyo style. You can run a gallery blog with photos as the main content. It’s a blog, but it has a “like” function. Normal blog posting is also possible.


The key to creating a Japanese website

Vertical writing

Japanese looks most beautiful when it is written vertically. When vertical writing is inserted in the right points, it creates a Japanese atmosphere.

However, if all text is written vertically, it will be difficult for users to read due to the design of the device. So it is advisable to apply it only partially to catchphrases and headings.

Animation and Action

It is important to make sure that the animations and actions in the website match the atmosphere of Japanese tradition and culture. Because Javascript animations are basically western and futuristic. They often do not fit the image unless they are customized in Japanese style.

Photo Materials

It is important to unify the photos in your website with a Japanese atmosphere. If you are writing a number of blog posts, you need to prepare a lot of photos. In such a case, you can use a photo resource site. Below are some free Japanese-style photos that can be downloaded. (Japanese only)


The number of Japanese WordPress themes is very small, and it is difficult to introduce vertical writing in a web design because of the overall balance of consistency. It’s difficult to make a beautiful and attractive website with vertical writing.

I love Japanese culture, and I would like to continue to develop WordPress themes that express the beauty of Japanese tradition and culture at TCD. The Japanese WordPress themes that have already been released are all excellent, so please use them if you like.

Summary of WordPress Themes

Here are the articles of WordPress themes for other uses.